5G Cellular Update: Verizon’s 5G Laptop, AT&T’s DSS, T-Mobile’s Cake, Antennas, Hotspots & Boosters

It has been a while since our last update on the state of 5G (fifth generation cellular) – and a lot has been happening.

All the carriers have recently shared 5G updates worth bragging about, and there is an increasing amount of 5G compatible and “5G Ready” gear coming to market.

It is still VERY early days in 5G era – here’s an update on where things currently stand.

Chapters in this video:
0:00 – Intro
1:08 – Verizon’s Lenovo Flex 5G Laptop
1:40 – Verizon Unlimited 5G Ultra Wideband Data Plan
2:55 – AT&T’s Dynamic Spectrum Sharing (DSS)
6:03 – T-Mobile Layer Cake Band 71
8:22 – 5G Cellular Devices – Smartphones
9:05 – 5G Cellular Antennas
10:13 – 5G Cellular Boosters
11:10 – 5G Cellular Devices – Mobile Hotspots
11:28 – 5G Cellular Devices – Embedded Routers
12:25 – RV/Boat Roof Mounted 5G mmWave Gear??
12:50 – 5G Fake Gear
13:43 – 5G Ground Work Wrap Up, Planning Your 5G Future
14:55 – iPhone 12 – Setting the 5G Drum Beat
16:13 – Get Your Mobile. Connected T-Shirt!

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5G Industry Update: Verizon’s 5G Laptop, AT&T Unleashes DSS, T-Mobile Serves Cake, And More!

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