Beyond 2020: what’s ahead for 5G? periodically invites expert third parties to share their views on the industry’s most pressing issues. In this piece Francesca Greane, Marketing, Content and Community Lead for 5G World 2020, discusses the future of 5G.

According to Omdia’s recent global survey, which saw over 600 respondents from 55 countries, the extraordinary events of 2020 have not dampened global market appetite for 5G, but satisfying this demand isn’t a simple matter. Indeed, finding the most profitable and enticing applications for public and private 5G remains the top challenge for all market participants.

The survey also revealed that most 5G suppliers are betting on real-time video streaming as the main draw for 5G while converging on large enterprises and consumers to drive the bulk of their revenues. But is this a credible game plan that can differentiate and recoup ongoing 5G investments?

The good news for 5G service providers is that one in three enterprises has either accelerated their 5G plans or found new use cases as a result of COVID-19. The bad news is that more than a third of the very biggest enterprises are confident in their ability to execute their 5G strategy largely without assistance.

Drawing on responses from enterprises, network operators, equipment vendors and other 5G market stakeholders across the globe, this report delves into key recommendations for those across the 5G ecosystem, including:

  • The perceived impact of COVID-19 on each sector of the 5G ecosystem
  • Which consumer applications will drive 5G update
  • Which industries offer the best 5G revenue opportunities
  • Key challenges in deploying 5G
  • How enterprises will look to deploy 5G into their organisation
  • Expected benefits for enterprises of 5G deployment

The full results and analysis of the global survey are now available to access in Omdia’s latest market report – Beyond 2020: What’s Ahead for 5G?

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