China 5G additions accelerate

The two largest mobile operators in China added 20.2 million 5G subscribers in May, ending the month with a combined total of 85.6 million.

China Mobile signed up 11.9 million to close May with 55.6 million, while China Telecom picked up 8.4 million for a total of 30.1 million.

In April, the two added more than 17 million next-generation mobile subscribers.

China Mobile’s total user base increased by 252,000 in May to 947 million. It also added 3.8 million 4G subs to end the month with 757.5 million. China Telecom had 2.7 million net additions to end May with a total of 341.2 million subscribers.

Third-largest operator China Unicom has not released 5G figures this year. After a net loss of 540,000 subscribers in May, its tally was down 9.7 million from the beginning of the year to 308.7 million, though LTE subs rose by 1.9 million in the month to 258 million.

The operators launched 5G service at end-October 2019.