EU unveils spate of 5G hardware, transport schemes

The European Commission (EC) confirmed 11 new projects under its European 5G-PPP (5G-PPP) venture would commence in September, covering work for the transport sector spanning three cross-border routes and hardware innovation schemes.

Its latest announcement takes the total invested through the scheme, which is a joint venture between the EC and European ICT industry, to €400 million in EU funding with a further €1 billion from private companies.

Among the newly detailed schemes are the creation of three 5G international corridors designed to enable testing of various use cases in the road, rail and maritime sectors.

The organisation noted: “Each project will provide a 5G network infrastructure that offers both multi-service and multi-application features to varied means of transport (such as cars, trucks, trains, pods, barges and boats), as well as improved connectivity to public users.”

Its other eight initiatives kicking-off in September centre on development of hardware and ecosystems using specific frequencies, technologies or designed to meet the requirements of defined verticals. Sectors targeted include media production, smart cities, emergency communications and vehicle data processing.

One of the projects will also develop overarching technologies related to the provision of cloud-native 5G private networks.

The ultimate aim it noted was to build a “first-class European industrial supply chain for core 5G technologies and hardware devices, and notably for network technologies and systems, while creating market opportunities and supporting the emergence of new innovative market players.”

Final projects set to be approved under the scheme, carrying a further €100 million in funding, will be announced later this year with applications closing earlier this month.