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Equinix Fabric software-defined interconnection enables greater cloud agility

Equinix Fabric™, our unique software-defined interconnection service, was designed specifically to help customers connect with cloud providers and other partners from anywhere across our global footprint. Customers can tap into the power of Equinix Fabric from Equinix IBX® data centers in more than 50 metros worldwide.

What’s the Equinix advantage? To begin with, Equinix data centers offer dedicated, high-security, high-performance private links to major public cloud providers such as AWS, Google Cloud and Microsoft Azure, all from one place. Since Equinix Fabric enables remote interconnection, you aren’t limited by geography; simply start from the Equinix Fabric node nearest you, and you’ll be able to access cloud on-ramps across the world. This makes it possible for you to roll out services to new global markets with extraordinary speed and ease. All the infrastructure needed to do so is already in place. Equinix Fabric customers also benefit from a reduction in egress fees from most cloud providers.

The fact that the links are private and dedicated means security is inherently superior to connections over the public internet. A private link means that malicious third parties cannot access or compromise data passing back and forth to the cloud. A private link also means that network latency is inherently lower, as the link is not susceptible to the fluctuations of public internet traffic.

Self-service web portal enables quick, easy hybrid multicloud networking

To simplify and accelerate overall cloud agility, Equinix Fabric customers can use our intuitive self-service management portal from any standard web browser. With a few simple clicks, the portal allows you to create new connections to cloud providers, assign new ports as needed, ensure each connection is adequate for its business purpose, keep track of pricing, and verify service performance and uptime.

As business conditions change, the portal makes it easy for you to increase or decrease bandwidth from a connection as needed. For virtual connections, you gain the granular control needed to dial up performance to meet workload demands, dial down performance to reduce operating costs, and quickly reallocate resources wherever they’re needed.

Essentially, Equinix Fabric and its management portal empower you to create and evolve hybrid multicloud environments in real time—all without making a single call, asking anyone outside the organization to lift a finger, or installing a single new executable in your on-premises infrastructure. IT leaders can maximize security, performance and uptime while also minimizing cost, complexity and risk. They can also ensure their hybrid multicloud infrastructure meets the organization’s business needs, even when those needs are constantly changing. Best of all, if your organization is leveraging automation tools such as Terraform, you can use an API to build new connections, dynamically adjust existing connections, and monitor performance.

To learn more about software-defined interconnection from Equinix Fabric and how it can support your cloud networking needs, read the data sheet today.

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Also, check out the Equinix Fabric demo video below to see just how easy it is to manage cloud networking via the Equinix Fabric web portal.



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