Image Video: Connect future “The world connected by 5G” (long version)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications introduces a series of image videos depicting the appearance of Japanese society and families for which diverse types of ICT including 5G are used.

Introduction of Each Scene

• High-definition Multi-view Video
A boy is watching a soccer game in a vehicle.
The boy is using a set of smart glasses to watch multi-view images transmitted through 5G. He is deeply impressed by the powerful goal scene as if he were watching it on the pitch.

• Self-driving
A boy is on an automatic driving taxi that makes use of 5G’s high-capacity, low-latency communications.

• Utilization for Agriculture and Other Local Industries
An old man is operating a tablet.
A farm drone sprinkles water onto his orchard.
He can engage himself in farm work without imposing excess on the body all year round, including extremely scorching summer days.

• Telemedicine
An old woman at home is looking at a mirror-like screen and seeing a physician at a remote hospital in town.
The physician confirms the condition of her oral cavity with a high-definition image transmitted by 5G and tells the old woman that it will be better soon.

• Retail Store
Unattended stores will be available. A boy picks up and puts a product in his pocket and leaves the store.
However, an automatic settlement is possible by using 5G multi-connection technology. The amount is confirmed with his smartwatch.

• Multilingual Simultaneous Translation
A foreigner comes up and talks to a boy.
The boy uses a multilingual translation system on his smartwatch, uses the system with low-latency communication like a simultaneous interpreter, and guides the foreigner smoothly.

• High-definition Live Video
A boy is operating a compact drone.
The boy transmits a high-quality live video to her elder sister in an urban area and shares the image of the dusk of the village where their grandparents live.

• Simultaneous Music Session from Multiple Locations
A boy arrives at his grandparents’ house and hands a set of smart glasses to each of them.
The boy gives a band performance for their gold-wedding celebration with his elder sister and her band in an urban area produced in stereoscopic images.
The music session is possible from multiple places over ultra-low latency and high-speed communication network.


The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications (MIC) has been promoting initiatives, including the reinforcement of research and development, international collaboration, and the establishment of technical standards to secure frequency for the Fifth-generation Mobile Communications System (5G) in order to realize 5G in 2020, which incorporates new features, such as ultra-high-speed performance, and ensuring ultra-low latency and multiple simultaneous connections. Furthermore, MIC has been conducting comprehensive 5G verification tests involving stakeholders in various fields of utilization since fiscal 2017 to create a new market through the realization of 5G.

• Start of 5G Comprehensive Demonstration Test
• Start of FY2019 5G Comprehensive Demonstration Test