RF instrument software adds 5G transmitter measurements



SignalVu VSA software from Tektronix adds 5G NR physical-layer measurements to oscilloscopes and real-time spectrum analyzers.

SignalVu VSA software runs inside a Tektronix oscilloscope

Oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer maker Tektronix has entered the 5G game through enhancements to its SignalVu VSA software. SignalVu VSA turns a high-bandwidth oscilloscope or real-time spectrum analyzer into a signal analyzer, making measurements such as adjacent channel power ratio (ACPR), error-vector magnitude (EVM), and amplitude, phase, and frequency versus time.

By adding algorithms developed by NI, Tektronix has added these and other measurements specific to 5G New Radio (NR) signals specified by 3GPP. SignalVu with the 5G option can run on oscilloscopes including the 6 Series B mixed-signal oscilloscope, DPO70000SX oscilloscopes and Real-time spectrum analyzers. The 6 Series B oscilloscopes have bandwidts up to 10 GHz, making it useful for 5G FR1 signals. FR covers up to 6 GHz, with most 5G signals operating below 4 GHz. The DPO70000SX oscilloscopes, with bandwidth to 70 GHz, takes care of FR2 signal measurements.

According to Tektronix, RF engineers use the 6 Series B MSO oscilloscopes to view RF signals, power rails, digital control buses, and I/O signals. Each of the up to eight channels uses a digital downconverter to enable spectrum analysis that’s synchronized with time-domain waveforms. Such synchronization provides a time-coherent view signals across both domains.

SignalVu VSA software can run directly on Tektronix equipment or separately on a Windows-based PC.

SignalVu VAS software brings 5G NR transmitter measurement to Tektronix test equipment.


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