To Overcome Hardware Supply Chain Issues, Go Virtual – Interconnections


Network Edge is a VNF platform from Equinix that gives users access to virtual network devices from leading vendors and additional services via Equinix Fabricâ„¢ software-defined interconnection. The Network Edge platform provides networking consistency, repeatability and flexibility across major global markets allowing users to access services with just a few clicks and no physical infrastructure costs.

Using Network Edge is simple. Just select from leading VNF vendors or use an existing license to deploy virtual networking services and connect instantly to digital ecosystems including clouds, networks and digital supply chains. The process takes only a few minutes and provides access to network services at a predictable cost.

Network Edge provides cost savings and convenience

Digital businesses use Network Edge to:

  • Address supply chain issues and reduce reliance on physical infrastructure.
  • Route traffic to multiple clouds worldwide, securely and with low latency, as part of a hybrid multicloud architecture.
  • Create redundancy for traditional physical infrastructure.

Network Edge removes many of the costs and complexity around supply chain and capacity management, allowing customers to focus on the functionality needed to build an environment for optimum user experience. Industries from IT to fintech to retail rely on Network Edge to modernize their networks and deploy digital-ready infrastructure at the edge, in minutes, and more cost-effectively than physical infrastructure. Consider what Network Edge solved for VR Group, a Finnish-based travel, logistics and maintenance service company.


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